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13 Demons

13 Demons

Gary, along with his friends who are in gambling, renaissance fairs and assorted unsavory vices, stumble upon a rare, medieval game called"13 Demons." They detect the game features a dark heritage and has been banned from many countries sometime ago for strange and mysterious motives including unsolved deaths. The object will be to spare the Realm of Darkhaven from your 13 Demons of this Apocalypse. They chalk this up and choose to playwith, what they don't really understand is that the Earth is now walked by the 13 Demons. Slowly, the match absorbs them, seducing them into believing that they have been"The Golden Paladins," and therefore are on a holy mission to conserve the earth. But when the news headlines reveals quite a few local deaths caused by tree branches, base ball bats, hammers, etc. from assailants adorned within body armor, then the thin line between reality and fantasy is destroyed as well as the horrific realization they're in way over their heads sets in.
Release: 2016-07-04
Genres: Thriller
Duration: 80 min
Country: N/A
Production: N/A