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To Live and Die in Amsterdam

To Live and Die in Amsterdam

An Interpol agent requires a mission to come to Amsterdam to investigate a drug ring. The new drug they are currently selling costs $100,000 popular because it requires the person to Nirvana for two weeks. The grab would be that the medication Adrenalzon stems just and in persons that are dead once they are having an increased sense of fear near their departure relating to their own adrenaline gland. Some body has to die for the man or woman to get just 1 reach of the medication. The new medication dealer begins making a lot of money being the only dealer on the planet. Paradiso begins to take over the drug trade in Europe. The only thing stopping this madman is that the more crazy fallen Interpol agent, Swan, who can't seem to offer up his or her own addictions. The one who thinks Swan can prove himself worthy again is his sidekick, a sexy Russian Interpol agent.
Release: 2016-07-06
Genres: Action
Casts: Damian Chapa,
Duration: N/A min
Country: N/A