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Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is really a British television soap opera broadcast on Granada Television in 1960. It was syndicated on ITV franchises. The programme concerns a place of Salford, the lifestyles of the residents of Coronation Street in Weatherfield, also centers around the Rovers Return pub, cafe, corner shop, newsagents, textile mill and its houses. The programme was invented in 1960 by local script writer Tony Warren at the recently formed Granada Television in Manchester. Warren's initial destroy drama proposition was refused by the station's creator Sidney Bernstein however producer Harry Elton persuaded him to make the programme to get pilot incidents. It was initially broadcast on 9 December 1960 and over six months was the most-watched programme in tv. It's been one of the most financially lucrative programs on British tv, underpinning the accomplishment of their Granada Television franchise and the broadcaster ITV. Granada Television at Granada Studios in Manchester makes coronation Street. It is shown in all ITV regions in addition to worldwide. On 17 it became the world's longest-running television soap opera in production. Coronation Street is noted for its depiction of a downtoearth working class community along with light-hearted humour and strong characters.
Duration: 30 min
Country: United Kingdom
Production: N/A