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Federal Prosecutor John Robson lives with his family in Sherman Oaks. He's intuitive, vibrant and driven. Robson is certain that there's a link between all of the crime factions in L.A., also that there was 1 overlord whose catch will topple them all. Despite losing support from the FBI Assistant prosecutor,'' Diana Palos, also despite the mounting pressure from his wife to invest time with their family, Robson won't back down from his conviction and set the wheels in motion, maybe perhaps not for the very first time, to attempt to get into the surface via a few of their middlemen,'' Lucas Reynosa. Before they could close the handle Reynosa, yet, Robson is savagely beaten, shot in the head, thrown into the river and left dead - but manages to attain a call for help and winds up in a hospital, at the time, after being in a coma for three weeks and learning that his family has been murdered, he emerges, a brand new man with an old agenda: Eddie Pray.
Release: 2006-03-22
Genres: Drama
Duration: 60 min
Production: N/A