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Little Princess

Little Princess

Little Princess is really just a kids' animated television show. It debuted in the United Kingdom and is shown there within Channel 5 milk shake! And -- as Y Dywysoges Fach -- in the kids' programming strand Cyw on the Welsh language channel S4C. In English, Julian Clary, who also supplies the voice of their cat Puss narrates the stories. Jane Horrocks supplies the voice of the Princess or Queen. The show is centered on the novels by Tony Ross and follows the achievement of Ross's 1986 publication'I Want My Potty', which was also turned in to a 5 minute short film. Brian Blessed and General voice Wonderful Uncle Walter, Chef, Gardener and Prime Minister are voiced by Colin McFarlane.
Release: 2007-04-16
Genres: Animation, Kids
Duration: 11 min
Country: United Kingdom