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Rebelde is a Mexican telenovela created by Cris Morena and Made by Televisa. It is a movie of a famed Argentine series Rebelde Way adapted for the market hence leading to differences in characters' backgrounds. The series ran for three seasons, the last episode airing in Mexico. Rebelde was substituted with the new series Código Postal of Televisa in June 2006. The series is put in the Elite Way School, a prestigious private boarding school in Mexico City using a major plotline sprinkled around a set. Sub plots involve the faculty's faculty as well as the students' parents. 1 trademark of this show is that the arbitrary usage of English words and phrases, frequently employed by fresa characters. A notable aspect of the series is that the celebrities playing with the bandmembers are themselves in an actual band and perform most of the music. They've been exceptionally successful in their own right, traveling and becoming among their most well-known acts in Latin America. Rebelde began airing March 21, 2005 and ended on December 15, 2006. The show was also transmitted in 65 different countries, such as Serbia, Peru, Romania on Acasa TV, Brazil, Spain on Antena 3, Slovenia, Bulgaria and out of September 2009 in Slovakia on Television Doma, in Croatia on Nova Television and in Albania on Vizion Plus.
Duration: 60 min
Country: Mexico
Production: Televisa